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Smackover Elementary

Smackover Elementary School



Gary SteelmanWelcome "Little Buckaroo" Nation!

It is that time again! I want to welcome back all of you to what will be a GREAT year at Smackover Elementary!

We are very excited for what the 2023-2024 school year holds for our Buckaroos. Our teachers have learned new ideas and more ways to reach every student over the summer, and the faculty and staff look forward to each day we get to impact the lives of each of our students. 

We have several new things happening at SES!  It will be a very good year to be a student at Smackover Elementary. We are very thankful that each of you have chosen SES as the school for your child(ren). You have definitely made the right decision. SES takes the education of each student very seriously and will do everything in our abilities to ensure every student receives the best possible education in South Arkansas.   

EVERY teacher will teach every day to every student! They will show them the LOVE, RESPECT and DEDICATION each student deserves. I assure you that every student will be taken care of while in our care.

Again, it will be a great year at Smackover Elementary and we are very excited that each student is with us!

Every Student, Every Day! Go Bucks!