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State Required Information

State Required Information

Annual Report to the Public

21-22 Annual Report to The Public

22-23 Annual Report to the Public

23-24 Annual Report to the Public

Annual Performance Report

SES Performance Report

SHS Performance Report

District Performance Report

Bully Policy

23-24 Bully Policy

Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

SNSD District Policies

23-24 District Polices

District Support Plan

District Support Plan for Literacy

SNSD Dyslexia Information

23-24 Dyslexia Information



SNSD Financial Data

23-24 Financial Data

Immunization Report

23-24 Immunization Report

SNSD Waiver

SNSD School Waiver

Minutes of Regular & Special Board Meetings

School Board Meetings

Parent-Family-Community Engagement Plan

District Engagement Plan

SES Engagement Plan

NMS Engagement Plan

SHS Engagement Plan

Personnel Policies

Classified Personnel Policies

Classified PPC

Licensed Personnel Policies

Licensed PPC

Policies for Fiscal Operations

Fiscal Operations

SNSD Recruitment & Retention Plan

Recruitment & Retention Plan

23-24 School Calendar

Addendum 23-24 School Calendar State Board Approved 2-21-24

School Calendar

School Level Improvement Plans

SES Improvement Plan

NMS Improvement Plan

SHS Improvement Plan

23-24 Parent -Student Handbook

Parent-Student Handbook

23-24 Student Attendance Policy

Student Attendance Policy

23-24 Student Discipline Policy

Student Discipline Policy

23-24 Board Meeting Dates & Locations

Board Meeting Dates & Locations